Timeless Classics


Model wearing an unbuttoned SAINT LAURENT coat, with SAINT LAURENT gold accessories, red lips and SAINT LAURENT sunglasses.

When it comes to fashion, it´s really important to know how to build a coherent wardrobe and how to combine luxury garments.
Classics pieces are the key for an elegant look that perpetuates itself in time and survives for decades in fashion history.

It can seem a bit contradictory how in the fashion world, where everything changes so quickly and everyone wonders what the next trend will be, some luxury pieces stand firm in time, beyond trends.
They will continue to look as good today as they did when they first came out, because they are not just a luxury garment. They are an investment with top high-quality and will hold their value for years to come.

Here you can find luxury designer pieces that will never go out of style and will help you to build a designer timeless closet.

Launched in 2016 by Alessandro Michele, Marmont is a family of a signature bags, recognized for its ‘GG’ logo in antique brass hardware and semi-puffed quilted pattern.
The Marmont shoulder bag is a really versatile bag, wearable all year that will go with almost anything, from jeans to suits.

Black and white photo of a model wearing a PAULA cashmere sweater in the countryside.

The beauty of owning a timeless classic garment is that, as it transcends time, you don´t have to worry about keeping up with the latest trends or feeling like you are missing out on the hottest looks, because you already own them.
It will have you feeling confident and comfortable, while its high-quality materials will keep it looking great for years.


In everyday routine or in a more formal office look, these are THE it shoes.
Inspired by the equestrian lifestyle, Aldo Gucci turned a simple leather loafer with a metal horse bit, into the iconic horsebit shoe we know today.

The limited number of details and the perfect craftmanship, brings status and value to luxury garments but what makes them even more special is that we almost can feel they are alive, for all the memories, emotions and story they harbor.

Model wearing a Saint Laurent summer black dress with the initials YSL in the back.


The Hangisi heel became an icon known all around the world after making its debut in the first "Sex and City" movie, in 2008.
Every buckle is handmade, contains 144 crystals and it´s inspired by art. This iconic heel will allow you look fashionable, without sacrificing comfort.