The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Designer Evening Dress

Evening dresses are an essential component of any women’s wardrobe. Some events call for a formal look, and having the right evening wear can make all the difference. However, there are many considerations when choosing luxury dresses and it can become overwhelming. Not only are there many different styles, but there are also different colours and fabrics to consider. If you’re looking to buy designer dresses for an upcoming event, consider these tips to ensure you’re perfectly dressed!

Choose the Right Dress for Your Body

Before you start looking at dresses, you first need to understand your body type and what looks good on you. You want to make sure that the evening dress you choose shows off your best assets and hides areas you’re uncomfortable with. After all, you want to feel your best when you slip on designer dresses.

If you want to show off your curves, you can opt for a fitted floor-length dress that accentuates your figure. However, if you are a little self-conscious, consider this gorgeous Ferragamo draped-detail maxi dress that gently sweeps over your body with a draping effect. This adds elegance and sophistication to any formal look. If you’re unsure which shape best suits your body, stick to an A-line gown with a V-neck, as these tend to be flattering on most body types.

Think Carefully About the Colour

Colour is another important consideration when choosing luxury dresses. While a specific colour might look amazing in the store or in photos, that’s not to say it will compliment your skin tone. If you wear a designer dress that’s in a colour that doesn’t compliment your skin tone, you’ll look drab.

Generally, warmer skin tones look amazing in warmer colours such as reds, yellows, oranges, and variations of these. If you have a warmer skin tone, this beautiful soft-pink Gabriela Hearst Hunter silk-crepon maxi dress is a great option. Alternatively, if you have a cooler skin tone, you’re better off choosing colours like blue, purple, and green.


Choose the Right Dress for the Event

Not all evening dresses are suited to every situation. While these dresses can be quite versatile, there are occasions when the event calls for a specific type of evening dress. For example, a formal wedding on a beach might be better suited to shorter, more flowing gowns. In this case, something like the Gucci silk pleated dress might be a great option.

Alternatively, a black-tie fundraiser, such as the Gucci Jersey Maxi Dress, would be more appropriate for a full-length gown. It’s the same luxury brand but different looks for different types of events.


Don’t Underestimate Tailoring

When it comes to buying clothes, the reality is that there’s no standard size for women. This is because body shapes vary quite significantly. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to buy designer dresses off the rack and they’ll fit perfectly. And if this happens to you, you’re in the lucky minority.

As such, when you’re buying evening dresses, get ones that are the closest to your size. Once purchased, tailor the dress to your size for the best fit. Tailoring isn’t expensive but can make a big difference in how your evening wear looks.


Less Is Often More When Choosing Evening Dresses

With evening dresses, it’s important to remember that sometimes less is more. This is especially true if you want a timeless and classic look. Remember, you can still add interest and style without going over the top. 

For example, this simple Saint Laurent Lourd long dress has a very classic design. However, the chosen fabric and figure make it timeless and elegant. Not to mention the exquisite details, such as the open back and cowl effect that softens the neckline.


Following the Trends Isn’t Always the Best 

One mistake that many people make when buying designer dresses is following trends. The problem with this is that trends change quickly. If you buy a trendy dress now, you might be unable to wear it in a few months as it’ll be dated. As such, it’s best to choose timeless pieces you can add to your wardrobe and enjoy for much longer.


Final Thoughts 

When it comes to shopping for evening dresses, it can be overwhelming. With so many different styles, colours, and fabrics, you can quickly make the wrong choice out of impulse. However, keeping the above tips in mind, you can choose the perfect designer dresses for your next event.

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