Luxury Living Rooms: Simple Ways to Add Home Decor Accessories

Create a living room that exudes the ultimate luxury to make your house feel like the perfect home for you.

Creating a beautiful living room that feels luxurious and elegant can be challenging for some. Unless you’re an experienced interior designer, it can be difficult to see how to combine furniture and home decor accessories in the right way to make the space feel luxurious and effortlessly put together. No matter how much you spend on luxury home decor, it can quickly look cluttered and even cheap if you don’t know how to add these items to your space.

Easy Ways To Make a Living Room More Beautiful

You no longer have to be an expert interior designer to create a beautiful space. All you need to do is be aware of some simple design tricks and how to use them. The living room is an extremely fun room to decorate as you can really show off your personality.
Are you an avid reader? Add a reading nook or library to your living space. Do you prefer entertaining? Add a bar cart or refreshment station to your space. Do you love art? Include a gallery wall to show off your favorite pieces. No matter your style or preference, you can make any living room gorgeous with just a few simple tricks.

Add a Statement Piece

Adding a statement piece is recommended in any room. This can be a beautiful fireplace, a piece of art, or, more commonly, a couch or armchair for the living room. The secret to using statement pieces is not to use too many.
For example, if you have a Fernando Otero Beeds armchair in one area, don’t crowd the piece by including a statement artwork behind it. Instead, incorporate the piece on an opposite wall visible from another part of the room. 

Add Luxurious Touches With Texture

The secret to a luxury look is playing with textures. You can add texture in several different ways. One of the easiest ways is through throw pillows, like the New Sun collection, throw blankets or window treatments. Don’t forget to add contrasting textures to create a more balanced look.

Add Pops of Color

Using neutral colors such as gray and white is timeless, but designers are adding more colors to bring a space to life. The easiest way to introduce colors is through the use of luxury home decor.
For example, using a Flamingo Fauna iron tray or a Casa Lopez Soliflore vase is a great way to add a pop of teal to your space without painting an entire wall. When adding pops of color, repetition is key. This means repeating the color at least three times for it to feel intentional. 

Add Luxury Home décor Pieces Smartly

Another tip when decorating your home is to use your décor accessories smartly. As such, choosing luxury décor pieces and smartly arranging them is important. Use trays like the Lobster Fauna Iron Tray to décor different pieces and create a single focal point.
Add books that match your style and interests, like the Gold: The Impossible Collection, to add interest and texture smartly. Keep symmetry and the rule of odds, i.e., grouping an odd number of items together, in mind when adding decor to your room.

Add More Lighting

Any interior designer will tell you that lighting is key to any luxurious look. You need additional light sources to create a warm and welcoming ambience. You can achieve this by using a statement pendant like the Henriette Parasol raffia and fringe pendant light and adding tabletop or floor lamps as additional light sources.
Finally, don’t forget about candles. Not only do they provide light, but you can also use them to keep your rooms smelling great. Candles come in different designs, so you can choose one to match yours. For example, a Shell candle will perfectly fit any beachy or coastal aesthetic.

Introduce Elegance and Luxury to Your Living Room

Luxury and elegance can easily be incorporated into your living room with carefully placed home decor accessories. Start with a vision for your space and then curate luxury home decor to suit your needs.
Add personality and style to your space by using items in a creative way while also ensuring not to clutter the room. Decorating your home can be fun and gives you a chance to reflect who you are.