1. The Gift Card (hereinafter the Card) is valid for the buying of items and services sold in physical spaces of Amorim Luxury Group (AMORIM LUXURY – SGPS, S.A, AMORIM FASHION SA, AMORIM GUEDES DE SOUSA III SA) in Portugal: Insignia JNcQUOI and Fashion Clinic, as well as other spaces that could be part of the group in the future (hereinafter referred to as Grupo Amorim Luxury). The Card cannot be used on fashionclinic.com or combined with any other promotions.

2. The Card is owned by the entity AMORIM LUXURY – SGPS, S.A., taxpayer number 509 476 732, registered at Avenida da Liberdade, n.º 224, 1st floor, 1250-148 Lisbon, and the Card holder is merely user of the same, therefore the payment isn´t linked to the card.

3. The Card purchased in any physical store or online is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. This date is expressed on the purchase receipt or in the order confirmation email, if it was purchased in one of our online channels.

4. Once the period has expired, the Card cannot be renewed or used to purchase goods or services. After its expiry date, any balance remaining on the Gift Card cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

5. The budget on the Card can be used in full or in part and can be consulted in any store/space of the Amorim Luxury Group. The Gift Card is not rechargeable.

6. Gift Card returns are not accepted.

7. For every purchase made with the Card, it´s required to always present the physical card. It is, therefore, not accepted the presentation of photographs or others than the physical card.

8. Once the total budget of the Card is reached, the Card must be returned to Amorim Luxury, being retained on the last payment act.

9. After using the Card to purchase an article, if the customer wants to return the same article (within the return conditions stipulated by the Amorim Luxury Group, which can be consulted in our physical stores at the time of purchase), the amount will not be refunded but credited to the customer's current account. It´s not possible to re-credit the amount on the Card nor is it possible to return the amount in cash.

10. The use and possession of the Card is its holder responsibility. Thus, the Card will not be replaced in case of theft, loss, misplacement, or damage.

11. In case of misplacement, theft, loss, or damage, you must contact our Customer Service team and the Card receipt must be sent to customerservice@amorimluxury.com or prove the purchase at one of the Amorim Luxury establishments.

11.1. Amorim Luxury will cancel it within 72 hours, not being responsible for the amount spent in that period.

11.2. Amorim Luxury will credit the current account of the customer who purchased the Card to the remaining amount resulting from the loss or theft.

12. Amorim Luxury Group is not responsible for non-delivery of the Card when purchased at fashionclinic.com.

13. The non-delivery must be communicated to customerservice@amorimluxury.com and the same will be canceled within 72 hours, not being responsible for the amount spent during that period.

14. Likewise, the Amorim Luxury Group is not responsible for the delay of the Car delivery, due to unrelated conditions: incorrect recipient information, impossibility of delivery to the address provided, technical or operational problems on the part of the operator/logistic partner, between others.

15. Cards acquired by any illegal means, will be considered null and void and cannot be used to purchase items.

16. The Card may not be used for the purposes of advertising or promoting articles or services sold by third parties, unless the Amorim Luxury Group has given its prior written consent.

17. The purchase and/or use of the Card implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions, which were made available to the customer when purchasing the Card and are also available at any Amorim Luxury establishment, fashionclinic.com or jncquoi.com.

18. In case of doubt, you can contact us at customerservice@amorimluxury.com.